About us

Who we are*

A friendly team of problem solving, multi-skilled digital experts who create genuinely useful products for good causes.

Who we work with

We work across the not for profit and charity sector from the advice sector, through to health charities and beyond. We also work with for profit organisations with a purpose driven agenda.

What we can do for you

Your digital product is made with care, attention and love because we don’t just want it to work, we want it to be beautifully simple for the people who will use it

How we learn from you

Simplicity is only possible with a deep understanding of the problem you are solving; we listen, poke, prod and question every decision until the information we have becomes the knowledge we need.

How we create with you

Good stuff happens when we all contribute, bringing our expertise and learning from each other. We co-create, building in contingency for change that naturally occurs as we work together.

How we deliver your digital product

We help you continuously prioritise your features into the simplest solution that meets your user and business needs so your project stays on time and budget.

*Electric Putty is a work in progress

Your critical friend & sounding board

Our role is to be your critical friend and sounding board throughout the development of your digital product, helping you to make strategic and technical decisions. Once your product is launched we work as part of your team providing advice and guidance on developing and enhancing your product or service.

Talk to us if you have a project in mind and need some advice.

Why do we exist?

Our purpose is to provide a great place to work where people can learn, evolve and thrive while making a positive impact in the world through technology.

What do we want to achieve?

Our mission is to design tools that transform the way socially minded organisations deliver digital experiences and services.

Join our team

If you like the sound of Electric Putty and want to feel good about the work you do come and join our friendly team of digital experts.

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