We are proud to work with some amazing organisations right across the not for profit sector on some brilliant projects that help improve lives.


Helping people navigate their way through the court system. CourtNav is an online tool designed to help people in England or Wales apply for protective legal orders against domestic abuse.

The platform uses a series of simple guided questions with the answers cleverly populating the correct sections of the relevant court forms. The system has a built in review system where partners can collect cases and interact with the person completing the process. Extensive reporting enables the client to understand how the system is being used.

Read our case study on how CourtNav is enabling more people to access legal protection for domestic abuse

Visit the CourtNav website (the tool is not public)

Bliss Digital Baby Charter

The Bliss Baby Charter was designed to standardise high quality family-centred care across the UK. It is a practical framework for neonatal units to self-assess the quality of family-centred care they deliver against a set of seven core principles.

We turned the existing service from working in multiple spreadsheets with many hours of administration into an online assessment tool which can be audited by the Bliss team. Services can submit evidence, track their progress and view their score against a RAG (red, amber, green) rating.

Read our case study about the Bliss Baby Charter.

IBD Benchmarking Tool

The IBD Benchmarking Tool – made up of the Service Self-Assessment and the IBD Patient Survey - aims to address variations in the quality and consistency of care people with Crohn’s and Colitis currently receive in the UK.

IBD Services can benchmark their service against agreed standards which are compared with a patient survey. Results are viewed in a dashboard and downloaded for extended data interrogation.

Visit the IBD benchmarking tool website (the tool is not public)

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