Support & maintenance services

Your new website launching is just the start of our partnership.

We offer a range of ongoing services to help you achieve your digital ambitions.

  • 60 day post launch warranty period

  • Post launch support service based on number of hours per year

  • Annual CMS upgrades and security patches as needed

  • Technical maintenance

  • Cloud based hosting configured to your needs

Priority support

The website support service designed to provide you with overall peace of mind that your website is reliable, secure and available at all times. It includes website monitoring and maintenance for: bug fixes, technical support and minor alterations.

We will recommend a number of hours of support across the year, starting from a minimum of 24 hours.

System upgrades

It's important to keep your website up to date to protect against security vulnerabilities and to optimise performance. We will carry out upgrades at agreed points on an annual basis.

Technical maintenance

With any system with a large code base it’s important to keep the code up to date by carrying out regular technical maintenance.

This means systematically editing, restructuring and tidying up code to keep it efficient and maintainable. This is also known as ‘refactoring’. Without this essential maintenance you end up slowly accumulating ‘technical debt’ which can slow down development and make the platform more costly to run, in the longer term.

We will usually only recommend setting aside time for technical maintenance on complex web applications. Standard CMS projects don't usually require this.

Hosting services

We offer a quality, fully managed cloud based hosting service on your own virtual machine (VM).

Your website will be hosted in an environment perfectly configured to support your requirements. The hosting environment is provided by Digital Ocean and managed by our team.

Your website will have an SSL certificate applied for security best practice. We have a robust back up process, using an external service to back up databases on a regular basis.

We constantly monitor server performance with a range of monitoring tools and can make adjustments where needed to ensure site performance is never compromised.

Priority support information

We take pride in offering an excellent support service, your success is our success. You will have a main point of contact for ongoing support and will be fully onboarded into our process.

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