Measurement and data strategy

Define, measure and analyse success

We can help you refine the goals you have for your website, making sure they fit with your organisation’s strategic plan. We use our understanding to build up objectives, targets and KPIs which can be used to measure the effectiveness of your website going forward.

What is a measurement plan?

A ‘measurement plan’ is a roadmap which provides a structure for analysing results, implementing improvements and deciding where to focus your next efforts.

Measurement plan set up process

We follow a clearly defined process to create the measurement strategy, plan and implementation within Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. We work closely with you on this plan to:

  • Define objectives

  • Define KPIs to meet objectives

  • Define metrics to measure KPI performance

  • Set targets for KPIs

  • Define tactics for achieving KPIs

  • Define any segmentation

  • Define technical implementation

  • Create visual reports for your data

We can set up your plan for you to manage going forward or we can provide you with a service to review and report into your team with insights based on your KPIs.

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