Discovery workshop

Got an idea for a new website? Book in for a free 4 hour workshop to get to grips with what you want to do.

We can run a hands-on collaborative workshop with you to help you define what the problem is you want to solve and ideas for how to do validate it.

Typical things we cover

  • why should this product exist?
  • what is it's primary purpose?
  • why is it special?
  • what value does it bring?
  • what are 5 critical features of the product?
  • who are the users? who else might use it who will manage it?
  • who are the stakeholders? what do they want?
  • what are the main constraints?
  • what could the main problems be?
  • what are the opportunities for the business?
  • what are the risks?
  • what already exists?
  • how will we know it's successful?

After the session we will provide you with a short report that articulates what we've learnt and makes some recommendations for next steps.

Book in your workshop


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