Website review services

We offer a range of review services that can help you understand where your website or product might need improvements or updates

Accessibility audit service

Our accessibility audit of your website will evaluate your site against recognised web accessibility requirements, standards and best practice guidelines.

We will give you any recommendations needed to ensure your website is usable by people with disabilities that could affect access, such as blindness, deafness, learning difficulties and motor impairments.

CRO review service

CRO (Converstion Rate Optimisation) can be used to improve any important metric or KPI on your website. This might be donations, registrations or event signups, downloads or completion of forms.

Our CRO review will look at analytics and current user behaviour, and give you recommendations to increase the percentage of website users who complete your target actions - turning them from passive browsers into valuable conversions.

Usability audit

Does your website or product support your users to achieve their goals?

Our usability audit assess how well your website performs in relation to users' priority tasks by doing a cognitive walkthrough, where we carry out the tasks as if we are the user. At each step, we analyse how effective the website is in supporting the user to reach their goals.

Our review will give you concrete recommendations for improvement.

Usability testing

A usability test gives you the best insight there is into how easy your website or product is to use.

We observe real users carrying out top tasks, to evaluate the effectiveness of your website or product in enabling its users to complete these tasks.

A usability test can be done remotely or in-person. It is usually easiest to recruit for and organise remote testing.

Website performance review service

If your website performance is not as high as it should be, there will be things we can do to improve performance and, therefore, improve the Google ranking of your domain.

Our website performance review service involves us spending a very small amount of time conducting an initial review and technical investigation to assess how your website is performing against Core Web Vitals, what improvements we could make, and what level of impact these would have on your website PageSpeed. We'll give you a customised, pragmatic recommendation with costs, and then carry out any improvements you decide to go ahead with.

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