Legal advice and case management software

Access to Justice through technology

We have developed award winning software which supports people in gaining access to justice by tackling complex legal issues.

If your organisation provides legal advice and guidance and needs people to provide detailed information to help their case, we can help.

We work with advice agencies and other organisations in the justice sector to build systems and services to help you manage your case load, helping you reach more people.

Features we can deliver

  • Self registration process with eligibility questionnaire to ensure that only those that are eligible for the advice sign up.
  • Gather information with any type of question and input field ensuring you get exactly the information you need to help them.
  • Provide useful 'tiered' help on any section or specific question, this can be light touch or more in-depth as needed per question.
  • Connect your system with expert partners like solicitors or other advice agencies you are working with.
  • Review system for your experts to provide advice and guidance, with multiple reviews if needed.
  • Evolved notification system so that everyone is kept up to date with the case and can keep the process moving forward.
  • Produce legal documents, court forms or statements that can exactly match existing documents or be badged for credibility.
  • Reporting suite for insights and analysis helping you understand trends which can inform policy or lobbying.

Our expertise

We have worked with the organisations providing free legal advice since 2015 with the launch of CourtNav for divorce applications (now offline). This has given us a deep understanding of the challenges the advice sector faces as a whole and those that lawyers and advice workers face day to day.

We are passionate about how LawTech can help solve some of these challenges and are keen to work with any organisation who wants to utilise technology to advance access to justice.

Enabling more people to access legal protection for domestic abuse

We've worked with RCJ Advice to create CourtNav, an online platform for domestic abuse survivors to apply for court orders that will keep them safe.

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Do you want to use technology to improve access to justice?

We can help you digitise any kind of legal advice or application process and build in the ability for checking and feedback from your expert advice team. This will save you and your clients time and give you better insights from your data.

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