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Alcohol Change UK is a leading UK alcohol charity, formed from the merger of Alcohol Concern and Alcohol Research UK.

Project highlights

  • Created a suite of integrated interactive digital tools to help engage and educate the public in new ways
  • Developed an exciting new website to showcase the new brand, merged organisation and new strategy.
  • Created meaningful user journeys for diverse audiences to easily find the information they need


Alcohol Change UK was formed through the merger of Alcohol Research UK and Alcohol Concern. They needed a credible digital presence for the new charity, bringing together diverse audiences for the research based Alcohol Research UK and the campaigning focussed Alcohol Concern.

Their ambitious plans meant that they were also running a name change and complete rebrand as well as developing the new organisational strategy. Working flexibly and collaboratively with agency partners was key to the success of all the projects.

Adding to the challenge was the multiple websites and social media channels that Alcohol Change UK had inherited from their pre-merger charities, each with its own history and audiences, which were - in their words - ‘in a bit of a digital mess’.


We created an engaging website which positions the organisation as approachable and credible by using a visual system that is bold and colourful. The content components give the marketing team plenty of flexibility in publishing content.

Our detailed user research helped us to identify the key tasks for the priority audiences. We used this to design meaningful journeys to help people find answers and explore options.

Alcohol Change UK want to change the way people think about their relationship with alcohol and improve their drinking behaviours. We created a suite of interactive digital tools to help people to understand their relationship with alcohol and how this might affect them.

The result is a website that meets the needs of diverse audiences from researchers who have an appetite for evidence-based research through to members of the public wanting credible, independent, quality information and advice around alcohol.

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