Priority support information

Information for clients signed up to Electric Putty's Priority Support Service

What is it?

Our Priority Support Service gives you premium support for your website, with a standard response time of 48 hours (although we’re usually faster) and critical issues picked up within an hour.

How to request support

As a priority client, you can send us a support request using our Priority Support form.

This creates a ticket for our support team where we can effectively prioritise the work and track the progress of your job.

Hours of support

Our support hours are from 9.00 until 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (except bank holidays or when Electric Putty is closed over Christmas).

What am I covered for?

Your priority support service covers you for:

  • Things that go wrong with your site. We call these ‘bug fixes’, and all sites are affected from time to time. It’s reassuring to know there’s someone you can call when it does.
  • Changing or updating something on your website. This could be anything from changing some content for you or adding something new, like a new ‘Call To Action’ button.
  • Access to our knowledge and experience for advice and support. This might include help with technical issues, questions about how something works, training, or expert advice on how your planned changes or updates might work (or work better).
  • Mandatory and critical updates to your CMS and plugins.

If you are experiencing downtime or performance issues with your website, please be assured that we have monitoring processes in place that notify us of issues so we are probably already looking into this.

What’s the process?

We have a friendly team who work together to look after all our clients’ support requests.

So that we can be most efficient, we ask you to always send your support requests via our support request form.

Once we receive a support request we will let you know what the next steps are and how long we think the work will take us.

We’ll keep you up to date, every step of the way, until your issue is resolved.

Response times:

  • Critical issues - your website is offline or severely impaired i.e. it is unusable - We will respond within 1 hour during support hours
  • Normal issues - your site is usable but there is a problem - We will respond within 48 hours during support hours
  • Low priority issues - your site needs a slight tweak - We will respond within 72 hours during support hours

Please email us if you have any questions about support, or want to chat though your Priority Support Service.