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We design and build digital platforms that gives your organisation the tools they need to deliver services online. We also have our own successful software products that are used right across the not for profit sector.

Benchmarking software

Does your organisation need to benchmark standards across providers or members? We have created benchmarking software for health charities which have saved them a huge amount of time in managing the service as well as making their data more accurate.
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Legal application software

Does your organisation help people deal with complex legal applications? We can help you digitise the application process and build in the ability for checking and feedback from your expert team. We have created award winning software which does exactly this.
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Buzz social posters

How about turbo charging your next campaign with co-created customisable branded posters that can be made and shared on social media straight from your campaign website?
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Branded template platform

Does your organisation struggle with people creating on-brand designs for posters and other marketing material? Using the BrandStencil platform means everyone connected with you organisation can instantly create on-brand, customised artwork from templates.
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Tell us about your number one time consuming process and we will help you design a digital workflow that joins up the dots between automation and people.

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