Web applications - Laravel framework

We have been developing web applications in Laravel since 2014 including our own successful SaaS product, BrandStencil .

BrandStencil is a branded template platform where people can make customised on-brand posters, flyers and other communication material. It’s used by leading charities across the UK and beyond.

We have also developed an award winning #techforgood web applications with Laravel. CourtNav helps women survivors of domestic abuse fill out complex legal forms to apply for injunctions.

CMS websites - Craft CMS

Our preferred content management system (CMS) is Craft.

We recommend Craft due to the phenomenal amount of flexibility it gives content authors. As a ‘content first’ CMS you can arrange your content in any order and in any combination on any page, giving you the ability to create unique content that exactly meets your needs.

We are Craft partners.